Isn’t It Fun To Imagine That Everybody On The Field Just Quit Baseball After This Incredible 6-3 Putout?

  • Eric Goldschein

We don’t normally check into the happenings of the Gary Southshore Railcats, but this crazy play from Tuesday must be noted. That’s good ol’ Billy Spottiswood on the rubber and Leugim Barroso of the Sioux City Explorers at the dish. Zac Mitchell is at short. Check it out:

“Well, that’s it fellas. There’s no way baseball will get any better than that. Let’s call it a career, all at once.” (This idea works better if you watch the video muted.)

Of course, that was simply the final out of the inning. But if the baseball gods decreed that this play was the pinnacle of organized baseball and there was no point in continuing, I wouldn’t argue.

[Bob’s Blitz]