ENERGIZER BUNNY: Watch A Rabbit Kick A Bunch Of Horses’ Asses At A Track During A Legitimate Race

  • Jake O'Donnell

ATTENTION ALL NHL FANS IN THE TRI-STATE AREA: Please notify Diet Coke aficionado Michael “Seabuscuit” Francesa about this historic moment in horse racing (just be sure not to ask him to talk about the 2013 Hockey Hall of Fame inductees).

Harness racing always reminds me of those bicycles for old people. Like this one. Why anyone would opt to watch this is beyond my comprehension. Is traditional saddle riding not complicated enough? Are sulkies (that’s what the carts are called) specifically intended for parapalegic jockeys? Or is this just another variation of a sport that exists to satiate the bottomless desires of gambling addicts?

Because as we see it, if a rabbit can win your horse race, something’s fundamentally wrong. Maybe they should just start having rabbit races instead, and trolling a giant carrot around the track…

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