Mario Balotelli Is Still A Winner, Due In Large Part To His Smoking Hot Girlfriend

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Italy didn’t win Euro 2012, and Mario Balotelli was sent home disappointed. But there’s some good news! Super Mario is apparently back together with girlfriend of note Raffaella Fico, who is now pregnant with Baby Mario.

The two separated in April when Balotelli just couldn’t stop seeing prostitues. But after hearing the good news, we still consider Balotelli a winner, regardless of the 4-0 scoreline in the final. We also appreciate his openness and and temerity to express his feelings in a public forum. And according to Fico, Balotelli is better than Cristiano Ronaldo in bed! Anybody who diminishes Ronaldo’s ego and denigrates his lovemaking skills is a friend of SportsGrid’s. Sidenote: With Leather has more photos of Ms. Fico, so be sure to head over there as well. SLIDESHOW, ENGAGE: