Rangers Survive Game 4 In Stanley Cup, Great (Controversial) Save Made By Non-Goalie

  • David Gonos

Stanley Cup Game 4, Controversial Non-GoalAs we’ve become accustomed to, the Kings-Rangers Stanley Cup Final game came down to the wire again. The Rangers went up by two goals to none, as they’ve done a couple times already in this series. But while the Kings were able to get one goal back, they couldn’t punch through Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist in the final couple minutes.

The Kings still lead the series 3-1, with Game 5 coming up Friday night back in Los Angeles.

Lundqvist made the last 26 consecutive saves, even though his Rangers had just one shot on goal in the third period, compared to Los Angeles’ 15 shots on goal.

In the final couple minutes, there were many harried moments, including a sequence that saw the puck come through Lundqvist’s pads, only to have Anton Stralman slide it back out underneath his goaltender.

The controversy surrounds whether or not Stralman then closed his hand around the puck once it went under his goalie.

You’ll be seeing the image of the puck sitting on the goal line an awful lot over these next couple days.

Top that excitement, World Cup!

Below are some great tweets about tonight’s Stanley Cup Game 4.

This is not an image of the puck on the goal line, it’s video! That’s how long it sat there! (OK, not really, but I’m sure Rangers fans felt it sat there much too long.)



Rumors are that Governor Christie shut down the bridge from the ice to the back of the Rangers’ net.



Linda Cohn looks hot in her Twitter background pic!