Real Madrid Takes A Shot At American Football (VIDEO)

  • Zach Berger

Real Madrid is in the States to play a match against Manchester United in Michigan Stadium. The squad decided to have a little fun while its in town, stopping by Eastern Michigan’s field to try out American football.

The scrimmage, if you’d even call it that, mostly involved the players looking confused to be holding a ball in their hands while potential receivers reflexively jumped backwards in an attempt to corral the ball with their chest or feet instead of their hands. Oh, and then there’s the part where they complete an easy pass and act like they pulled off a diving catch in the end zone on a Hail Mary with two cornerbacks and a safety surrounding the receiver.

Europeans. They’re so cute and innocent.

I have a feeling that there’s a good reason that Chad Ochocino never got a soccer gig and no soccer player has even made it in the NFL. Perhaps one day we will have a sport where all limbs are equal. End limb discrimination today. Do your part.

(Photo via AP/Tony Ding)