Reason #237,067,129 Why Japan Is The Weirdest Place On Earth

  • Jake O'Donnell

Whatever this is, it’s awesome. We’d be doing it a disservice if we tried to explain Bo-taoshi (so we’ll just let The Discovery Channel do it because they’re good at that kind of stuff).

Here are the “rules.”

[Bo-taoshi Wiki]On the defensive half, positions include: pole support, barrier, interference, scrum disabler and the ninja. Offensive positions include: springboard/scrum, pole attackers and general support attacks.

Pole support – to hold the pole in the upright position.
Barrier – the largest part of the defense, their job is to protect the pole.
Interference – harass and interrupt attacks that get within the barrier.
Scrum disabler – scrum is the offensive strategy in which the attackers use their teammates back to spring themselves over the barrier and onto the pole. The scrum disablers do whatever they can to eliminate this attack.
Ninja – this is the single man at the top of the pole. This is one of the most important positions on defense. The ninja must lean to the opposite side if the pole is being tilted to counteract the weight.

Springboard/scrum – the scrum acts as stepping stones so their offensive teammates can jump over the barrier and have easy access to the pole.
Pole attackers – in charge of taking the ninja down and using their weight to bring the pole down.
General support attackers – Do anything to make it hard on the defense.

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