Ref Gets Knocked The Hell Out In Minor League Hockey Fight

  • Rick Chandler

It’s not often that we get to use the term “errant haymaker”, so when we see one we type it up with great interest. Here we have a British Columbia Hockey League (junior A league) game between the Prince George Spruce Kings and the Vernon Vipers, where linesman Ryan Dawson takes a left to the chops by Vipers forward T.J. Dumonceaux. BOOM. Out.

It should be noted that Dumonceaux appears to be taking a blind swing toward Spruce King Christian Weidauer, and missed. Also, when the players see Dawson laid out on the ice, the fight stops. Could Dawson have been faking it? Because that would be a good tactic, eh.

Nope, probably not:

Canadian hockey: Bleeding, some stitches, KOs … and that’s just the ref.