Rihanna Wants To Buy Liverpool's Premier League Team. … Um, What?

  • Rick Chandler

Look, just because you become a passionate fan of something does not mean you must possess it. I learned this the hard way with wolverines, and Rihanna will learn the same lesson with Liverpool F.C. … hopefully with fewer rabies shots.

About all I know of Rihanna is that she’s a teen queen pop singer. Oh, and also she’s got beaucoup bucks: enough apparently to entertain the notion of buying a Preimer League soccer team.

And amid reports that she has been looking to invest in an English football club, Spanish newspaper El Mundo Deportivo says Liverpool are the team of choice.

The paper says she has been advised by close friend and Chelsea striker Didier Drogba to make an offer for the Anfield club.

What’s not clear from this is if Liverpool is even for sale (I have hunch it isn’t).

Oh Rihanna, you know the saying — if you love something, set it free. Owning a major sports team is more headaches than its worth (Donald Sterling).

But at least the fans are behind you:

Maybe she just wants to buy shares. That makes more sense.