Rihanna Watches Nets Game, Nets Game Watches Rihanna

  • Jake O'Donnell

If Curb Your Enthusiasm has taught us anything, it’s when you sit courtside at an NBA game, try to stay out of the action. Larry famous tripped Shaq by stretching his legs out a bit too far.

Similarly, by rocking a very thin tank top, Rihanna may have tripped players’ focuses (lord knows she got the internet’s attention).

Now let’s not beat around the bush here: You can very clearly see her nipples. There, we said it. And one of them happens to have a barbell through it. We said that, too. Everyone from Getty to USA Today to some guy sitting next to her were compelled to snap photos of her very thin, probably expensive, but mostly very thin, white tank top.

She knows what she’s doing.