Rio Short On Hotel Space, So World Cup Tourists Look To Slums (Really)

  • Rick Chandler

Fact: Nearly 600,000 tourists are expected for the World Cup, more than half of whom will go to Rio de Janiero. According to the city’s tourism agency, the city has 21,639 hotel rooms, or about 55,000 beds. Haven’t booked a room yet? Looks like you’ll be sleeping on the beach.

Or … (“Price Is Right” theme music here) why not enjoy your fabulous Rio vacation in a slum?


London Daily Mail:

Fans that haven’t yet booked face prices upwards of £415 a night for the few rooms remaining. There are, however, some alternatives.

As tourists have been priced out of hotels, they have turned to more unusual options, including hastily-built hotels in the city’s favelas, or slums, and even love motels, where locals keen to avoid the prying eyes of parents or spouses visit for privacy.

This one has a stripper pole (extra charges may apply).

Actually companies are moving in and renovating certain buildings in the favelas, converting them to pretty nice hotel rooms. The problem is that the rooms are still in the favelas … and if you think that people had complained before about their hotels being close to the slums, how are they going to react about their hotels being IN the slums?

Even though the start of the World Cup is more than a month away, the government has sent 2,000 extra police to patrol the streets of Rio, as crime (particularly muggings) has risen sharply this year.

“We’ve really perceived an increase in crimes, we’ve seen a gradual increase since the second half of last year,” said Rio state security head Jose Beltrame. “As of Monday we’re putting all police in the street in an effort to lessen these crimes.”

Additionally, police and drug gangs have engaged in several sharp exchanges of gunfire in several so-called ‘pacified’ slums around the city in recent months, increasing fears of ugly scenes just as the world’s eyes turn to Brazil and principally Rio. Some of the fiercest fights have taken place in a slum located just one block from tourist-favorite Copacabana beach.

“Sharp exchanges of gunfire” is a term you usually don’t see on Travelocity. Hope your trip goes well.