Manchester United Won The EPL Yesterday, And You Have To See Robin Van Persie’s Title-Winning Hat Trick

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Manchester United clinched their 20th English Premier League title yesterday. Robin van Persie helped a bit, chipping in with a hat trick. But as impressive as that was, the more impressive part was his second goal, which we’ll show you momentarily. From around midfield, Wayne Rooney sent a perfect, 40-yard-or-so diagonal ball in the air, right to the left foot of van Persie at the top of the box. He drilled home a volley. They made it look easy, but I assure you it was hard. It was so very beautiful. I may have shed many tears.

We’ll show you all three goals, because we’re generous. If you must skip ahead to the legendary goal itself, skip to 0:32.

In GIF form:

Oh yeah, he may have been offsides on all three goals. But if so, only by a fraction. And fractions only matter in school. Actually, fractions never matter.

We implore you to watch the UEFA Champions League semifinals this afternoon, because beautiful things will assuredly occur.