‘Isn’t This A Jewish Thing?’: The Rockets Celebrate Hannukah By Murdering The Dreidel Song

  • Eric Goldschein

rockets dreidel songFor some reason, professional sports teams keep forcing their players to put out holiday videos in which they sing a song they appear to have no interest in singing. First we had the Mets taking on “Sleigh Bells.” Now, it’s the Rockets’ version of the “Dreidel Song” for Hannukah.

I know this is supposed to be all in good fun, but Chandler Parsons saying “Isn’t this a Jewish thing?” (note to editor: probably could have cut that part out) sums up how these guys feel about doing this: a combination of perplexed and self-conscious.

Points go to Aaron Brooks for not giving two shits. At least he’s upfront.

Good thing there are only like, 12 Jews in Houston*. (Woody Allen, we give you permission to take that title for your next movie.)

*Just kidding, Jews of Houston, apparently there are over 48,000 of you. Who knew?