Roger Federer “Is” Retiring From Tennis

  • Matt Rudnitsky

This shocking news comes to us from noted newsbreaking site, The Substitute, via r/tennis.

Federer’s getting old, but he’s still playing at a remarkably high level. The news is shocking, indeed.

Via The Substitute:

Roger Federer has shockingly announced his immediate retirement to the tennis fraternity, after more than a decade’s domination of the sport.

The news comes after Federer skipped the Miami Masters, which took place over the last fortnight.

The world number three alluded to the reasons behind the move, saying that trying to manage his family time, tennis and sponsorship commitments was just becoming a bit too much.

“Being the greatest of all time over the last 10 or so years was incredible,” he said.

A shame, and he will truly be missed. Here’s a tribute to the one of the greatest athletes of all time. Fitting music.

NOTE: The best April Fools’ jokes are carried out the day after April Fools’ Day. This is an April Fools’ joke. Some guy posted it on his website, The Subsititute, and it was such inflammatory dry humor that it was worth linking to here. Sorry for the stress we have caused you. Enjoy Federer while he’s still playing, because one day, this news will be real. And we’ll be sad. And that music will actually be fitting, not just ridiculously melodramatic.