This Is Awkward: Female MMA Fighter Outs Douchebag Who Never Called Her Back On Instagram

  • Eric Goldschein

Damn, Ronda Rousey is cold as ice. The Strikeforce bantamweight champion can kick some serious ass, sure, but it’s the way she handled a former hook-up trying to weasel his way back into her life that exemplifies badass-ery.

Word to the wise: give your former flames an explanation when you don’t want to see them again. Because if/when they become famous, and you try to hit them up again after blowing them off, they might post pictures of your message on Instagram (via Yahoo! Sports):

On one hand, now this guy he has proof that he hooked up with Ronda Rousey. On the other hand, he looks like a complete and total douche. Not a good look.

Rousey was understandably mad at this guy for not calling her back. And then even more so for him trying to get in touch only after he saw her name in the paper. It’s a classic move that anyone who has become famous is familiar with — as Eminem once noted: “All the sudden, I got 90 some cousins (Hey it’s me!)/ A half-brother and sister who never seen me or even bothered to call me until they saw me on TV.” But at least she didn’t release his name — that would have been a little too sinister.

And so, when it comes to being publicly shamed on the Internet, the prize still goes to Ariane Friedrich and the stalker who sent her pictures of his junk.

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