Rory McIlroy Accepts British Open Trophy, Is Roundly Booed For Being Man. United Fan

  • Rick Chandler

Rory McIlroy went wire-to-wire to win the British Open, but he really needs to work on his acceptance speech game. While receiving the big winner’s trophy today, he mentioned that he was a Manchester United fan. There was zero upside to that, especially considering that he was at Royal Liverpool GC at the time.

Ha. “Trigger words” indeed. (Hits McIlroy on head repeatedly with rolled-up program).

McIlroy dumped Caroline Wozniacki practically at the altar, so we know he’s not that bright to begin with. He is, however, only the third golfer to capture three different majors by his 25th birthday.

By the way, Wozniacki and McIlroy both won on the same day. The former won the championship of the Istanbul Cup, 6-1, 6-1, over Roberta Vinci.

Meanwhile, in news of the physically exhausted and morally decayed, Tiger Woods finished the British Open at 6-over 75, his worst total as a pro at a major. ESPN responded in typical fashion, noisily predicting that Tiger is not finished, and will one day win again. Pay no attention to the network’s nervous twitch and flop sweat.

In news related to that ESPN story: