Rory McIlroy's Drive At Scottish Open May Never Land

  • David Young

McIlroy Twitter

The last time we checked in with Irish golfer Rory McIlroy, he was tweeting United Airlines to get his golf clubs back. Apparently the ones they gave him were made out of flubber (what, am I the only one that gets this reference?). Today at the Scottish Open he hit the ball a Happy Gilmore-ian 436 yards off the tee at the 13th hole (sure, you got that one).

To put that in perspective, that’s more than four football fields. That’s just shy of a quarter of a mile. In a golf cart going 12 mph, it would take you about 74 seconds to reach the ball. Yeah, it’s a hell of a lot longer than you or I could hit it. Maybe even with two swings. The best part of the video may be the oblivious golfers on the green who weren’t aware McIlroy had reached in a single stroke. After the first round, he leads the pack at seven under.

If you’re in the Aberdeen area, you may want to wear a hardhat thought the weekend.

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