RotoExperts Showdown In Sirius/XM Experts Championship Round

Three RotoExperts entered the six-man playoff field in the Sirius XM Fantasy Basketball Experts league, and two are left competing for the championship. Top-seeded Gregg Sussman will take on me, the third seed, in the final.

Sussman defeated Tony Cincotta in the semifinals, 7-2. Sussman has been anchored by the dominant LeBron James all season and getting Kobe Bryant in the second round has been huge. Sussman overcame a one-game absence of James, who was given rest, an injured Joe Johnson, a two-game absence of Al Horford due to illness and Greivis Vasquez missed a game because of injury.

Tobias Harris had another huge week for Sussman and has been an excellent waiver wire addition. The only player that may not play this week is Johnson, although James missed Tuesday’s game as the Heat rested him again, but that should lead to a big game from Bosh, who is also on Sussman’s team. Unfortunately, the Heat has just two games the rest of the week.

Sussman made one addition last week with the acquisition of Wes Johnson, who has played well recently averaging 17.2 points over the last four games with 13 three-pointers and six steals.

I squeaked by in the other semifinal, defeating Cory Elfrink, 5-4. I had a 6-3 lead going into Friday, but Elfrink had a huge day and I was without an injured Jameer Nelson and Nikola Pekovic, while Brandon Jennings, Klay Thompson and Jeff Teague had awful games putting me in a 6-3 deficit going into the final game Sunday.

Elfrink used his max of four moves for the week, while I had all four remaining and was desperate and had to use players that were active on Sunday. I dropped an injured Nelson for Tyler Zeller, dropped Andrew Bogut for Shaun Livingston before I knew Kyrie Irving was returning from injury and dropped Klay Thompson for Wayne Ellington.

I normally wouldn’t drop these players, but if I didn’t make the moves I wouldn’t be in the championship this week. They helped just enough and Jeff Green came through with a huge game to help me advance.

On Sunday, I also made the move of dropping Livingston for Beno Udrih, a transaction that took effect Monday.

Going into Tuesday night, I had a 6-3 lead. That gap could close quickly since I had no players on Tuesday night, while Sussman had three players going.

One thing I can guarantee: A RotoExpert will be champion. It’s just what we do.

Photo via Boston Herald