Rugby Fan Gives Unto The World The Greatest Impromptu* Michael Jackson Dance Rountine In Human History

  • Jake O'Donnell

*Turns out it was scripted — but the whole ripping-off-his-shirt-move came straight out of left field…or whatever the comparable term is in rugby. Out of northwesterly quadrangle or something. The point is a hairy dude just destroyed a crowd with his Michael Jackson impersonation.

As if this video needs a backstory (it doesn’t), here’s the backstory:

[YouTube] When it comes to dancing like Michael Jackson, Ashur Shimon isn’t BAD. In fact, his dance cam debut at a packed rugby league match sent the crowd and commentators wild with excitement.

First he teased Sydney’s ANZ Stadium with a sideways moonwalk move. With spectators baying for more, he warmed up with some classic shapes from Jacko’s ‘Thriller’ routine. To the cheers of thousands, the dance cam – broadcast on TV and to screens all over the stadium – returned to Ashur, from Lebanon, again.

This time it’s shoulder-shrugging and crutch-grabbing before he throws down his black tracksuit top, climbs some steps to a balcony and rips off his shirt to reveal a hairy chest, tum AND shoulders.

It was his first appearance on the ‘dance cam’ as part of the game-day entertainment when his team Canterbury Bulldogs took on the Manly Sea Eagles.

The dance cam session is hosted by comedian Rob Shehadie and invites members of the crowd to “show us your moves.”

Said Shehadie: “He’s a crazy Michael Jackson fan and I’ve seen him dance before. I know him but I definitely didn’t expect him to go the whole way and rip his shirt off.

“I’ve hosted a lot of football games but I’ve never heard a roar like that from the crowd before. It was just massive. Security actually came up to him and he got in trouble. They thought he was going to streak or something.”

We’re impressed, especially because Shimon dethroned the current reigning crowd dancing world champ, Marlins hump-machine child — a difficult feat and necessary step for this nation to heal from seeing a 9-year-old eye-fuck/air-fuck a TV camera.

[H/T Barstool]