Rumor: Lolo Jones Knocked Out A Relative Of U.S. Bobsled Official In Lake Placid Bar — Cover Up Ensues

  • Ricky Boebel

Reports have come out that Lolo Jones was in a bar fight. The skirmish is said to have taken place in a Lake Placid establishment early Saturday morning.

The report comes from a Fox Sports Tonight radio host Amy Van Dyken. Have a listen to the audio:

The radio host reporting the story was also an Olympic swimmer, which adds to the credibility of the story.

Deadspin has reportedly talked to someone at the bar that night who had this account of the incident:

He tells us that Carlino’s stepdaughter was visibly intoxicated, and verbally confronted Jones near the dance floor. Jones then pushed the stepdaughter to the ground, he said, and left the bar.

The stepdaughter followed outside, where she and the athletes were separated by bouncers.

To summarize, there may not have been a knockout punch, but there was almost definitely a physical altercation. The athletes and Olympic officials’ cover up attempt failed miserably and I’m guessing video will be released shortly.

Attention celebrities: never try cover stories up in 2013. The story that the media piece together will almost always be worse than what actually happened.