Russia Has Spent $51 Billion On The Winter Olympics — Did Any Of That Go Towards The Dorm Rooms?

  • Eric Goldschein

The upcoming Winter Olympics will be the most expensive games in history. Russia has spent an estimated $51 billion to prepare the coastal city of Sochi for an influx of athletes, media, tourists and, potentially, terrorists.

Where’s all that money going, you ask? Well, it’s not to make sure the infrastructure is ready on time, as we’re just days away from the Opening Ceremony and there are still hotels yet to be completed. It also didn’t go towards housing the stray dogs of the region, as Russia found a stereotypically Russian way to deal with those.

In fact, after taking a video tour of the Sochi Olympic Village dorm rooms, we aren’t sure where any of that money went, except perhaps into the pockets of Russia’s politicians and businessmen. Video via Russian journalist Pavel Lysenkov:

(UPDATE: As you can see, this video is no longer available. I’d like to make a joke about how Lysenkov — who hasn’t tweeted since posting the video — has been sent to a gulag for dishonoring Russia, but, what if it’s true? I’ll feel bad if it’s true. You can still see the photos below.)

Olympic Village bedrooms are never ostentatious, and we got some pretty hilarious pictures of athletes living in the cramped London conditions back in 2012. But you’d think for $51 billion, Russia could have done better than this:


These athletes are in Russia to compete, not relax. But I can’t imagine having to snowboard/figure skate/curl all day and then come home to get some rest on these beds, or unwind in those showers. Plus, how are they expected to get their freak on in those tiny twins?

Not cool, Russia.

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