Russian Winter Olympics Yogurt Blockade Is Hilarious, May Begin The Second Cold War

  • Rick Chandler

It’s hard these days to find food made with only real, natural ingredients: especially if you’re an Olympic athlete in Russia. Several thousand containers of Chobani Yogurt are sitting in cold storage in New Jersey after the Russian government has refused to let them be flown into Sochi for the Winter Olympics.

The yogurt was supposed to be for Olympic athletes, but Russia says it won’t allow the shipment because the U.S. didn’t file the proper paperwork.

Case closed? Oh no, no, no. In fact, this just may cause another Cold War.

Please enjoy this totally real and quite insane statement from NY Senator Chuck Schumer:

“With the Sochi Olympic Games starting at the end of this week, there is simply no time to waste in getting our Olympic athletes and employees a nutritious and delicious breakfast –- Chobani Greek Yogurt,” Senator Chuck Schumer — a Democrat from New York — said in a statement accompanying his letter to the Russian ambassador.”

Yes, a U.S. Senator actually sent a letter to the Russian ambassador over this.

Worth noting is the fact that Chobani is headquartered in Upstate New York — and is represented in the U.S. Senate by Schumer.

Ah ha.

So we’re not even sure who to mock here: the Russian government, for taking the time and effort to set up a yogurt blockade, or our own government, for the embarrassing and nakedly self-serving letter.

Perhaps if the Russians could only see the commercial below, they’d relent. The bear is their national mascot, after all, and that bear is hungry for Chobani.