This Rash Of Fighting At A Russian Youth Hockey Game Will Help You Forget The NHL Lockout

  • Glenn Davis

Look, there’s no NHL right now, and despite this positive-ish step, there’s probably not going to be any NHL for a while. You want hockey highlights? You want things getting testy? You want all-out brawls? You’re going to have to look elsewhere. Like halfway around the world. And down a couple age brackets. Because in Russia, they take their hockey seriously, and they learn to do it at a young age. Proof: some bad blood developed among the kids in this under-10 – yes, under-10 – league last week. The result: so many penalized kids the entire game was suspended.

RT describes the video as “a blockbuster in the Russian part of YouTube.” Given, though, that this has gotten linked on American sites all over the place (including Deadspin) too, it’s safe to say these bellicose kids are a hit the world over. We’re glad we weren’t reffing this game, if only because we’d have had to pretend we didn’t love the fighting.

[Prep Rally]