Ryan Lochte: Still Super Awkward

  • Eric Goldschein

Ryan Lochte’s got a reality TV show coming out called “What Would Ryan Do?” which gives him the opportunity to go on the promotion circuit and demonstrate his elocution. Because as we know, Ryan Lochte’s skill in the pool is matched only by his oration. In his appearance on Good Day Philadelphia, watch him eloquently explain how “What Would Ryan Do?” is an examination of excess in our culture, etc. etc. whatever this guy is so awkward.

Between getting the lady anchor all hot and heavy and the man anchor to treat him with as much dismissive disdain as possible — before getting both of them to break down in tears with laughter by the end — I’d say Ryan went par for the course in terms of how people view him.

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Personal highlights:

-The amazingly fake laugh 2:19.
-Ryan’s “response” to “How can a woman get your attention” at 2:58.
-“A man at night, a man in the morning” at 3:18.
-Ryan explaining a bathroom at 4:40.
-Everything after the five minute mark.

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