Here’s How A Crowd Reacts When The Babe Ruth Of Cricket Retires

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Sachin Tendulkar is a cricket batsman for India, a man known as the “God of Cricket” and considered by many to be the best batsman of all time. He announced that he would retire after his 200th test match, whatever that is, and this was the reaction to what could be his last out, ever.

(According to this helpful redditor, the crowd can’t possibly know for sure that this is his last time on the field; he could wind up batting once more. But, the crowd is playing it safe, assuming this is his last time up.)

Pretty surreal. Especially that fan. Let’s look at that fan.

Sachin Tendulkar Cricket Biggest Fan

Good man.

Via reddit:

The batsman “on strike” (at bat) is Sachin Tendulkar. Tendulkar is, by many estimates, either one of the greatest batsman to have ever played professionally, or simply the greatest batsman to ever have played professionally. No one has scored as many international runs as he has (34,347). No one has played as many games as he has (663). No one has scored more centuries (100+ runs at bat) than he has (100). No one has won more performance awards than he has. In his 24 year career, he has become venerated in India, and has been recognized and honored across the world for his contributions to sport and Indian (and indeed, Asian) culture.

Will I miss Sachin Tendulkar? Well, I can’t say that I will. But I’ll miss the three times I heard his name mentioned in American media, a truly impressive feat for an Indian cricketer. He must’ve been a joy to watch.