German Soccer Player’s Girlfriend Asked To ‘Not Dress Sexy’ For Euro Semifinal Game

  • Evan Sporer

Defending Euro champion Spain, in the wake of a penalty shootout win over Portugal yesterday, now awaits the winner of today’s other semifinal match between tournament co-favorite Germany and underdog Italy. Germany powered through the quarterfinals, defeating Greece 4-2, while Italy narrowly escaped England in the tournament’s only other game to go to PK’s. But when the team’s kick off this afternoon, the German side will be without one of its main weapons: midfielder Sami Khedira’s scantily clad girlfriend.

According to the Daily Mail, the German Football Association has asked Lena Gercke, girlfriend of star midfielder Sami Khedira, to keep it classy in terms of her outfit for Thursday match against Italy. The reasoning though, may come as a surprise to some. Apparently, the German Football Association is nervous that Lena was attracting too much WAG attention, and may cause a rift among German players due to jealousy.

I think the saying goes: if you got it, flaunt it. If these other German arm-candy women can’t hang with Lena Gercke, they need to go back to the drawing board and reassess their gameplans. Not satisfied with the attention you’re getting? Run naked across the field. Think the cameraman isn’t giving you your due in terms of air time? Make out with the chick next to you. All I’m saying is, what I’m hearing is a bunch of baloney. If whatever she’s wearing isn’t too inappropriate for the FCC, it should be completely kosher with the GFA (German Football Association). If Germany loses today, everyone knows exactly who to blame come finger-pointing time.

[Larry Brown Sports via the Daily Mail]