Tijuana (Which Is In Mexico), And San Diego (Which Is In The United States, We Think), Are Making A Joint Proposal For The 2024 Olympics (For Some Reason)

  • Matt Rudnitsky

You know how the Olympics normally have one host country, because that’s how things are? Well, OBAMA that may change in 2024. For some reason, San Diego (USA) and Tijuana (Mexico) are making a joint proposal to secure the bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics. Our sources say there are indeed other cities in California and nearby U.S. States (we’ve confirmed 46 states, each with multiple cities), and we’ve heard rumblings that there are other metropolitan areas and even non-metropolitan areas in Mexico, too.

The two cities are less than a half hour apart, driving, so that makes sense, but there’s the obvious problem of athletes, fans, officials and others needing to cross the border, which seems difficult and stupid. Perhaps this is all part of OBAMA’s a big master plan for us to take over Mexico?!?!?!?

When asked specifically about the San Diego/Tijuana bid, Blackmun said, “That would have its challenges. We haven’t looked at it carefully. We just learned about it.”

That sounds promising!

Los Angeles, Philadelphia and San Diego/Tijuana were the only cities Blackmun specifically mentioned, saying the other candidates preferred to remain confidential for now. The U.S. hasn’t hosted a Summer Olympics since the 1996 Atlanta Games. The IOC is to select the 2024 host city in 2017.

If we had to guess, this probably won’t happen, because it seems stupid, and there will likely be multiple non-stupid options. But, USMexico would be a formidable host country, if they can pull this off.

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