More Slopestyle Carnage: Sarka Pancochova Fell On Her Head And Destroyed Her Helmet

  • Eric Goldschein

pancochova helmet

Sarka Pancochova of the Czech Republic was the latest victim of Sochi’s “sketchy” slopestyle course when she fell and bashed her head during her second run of the finals. This is the reason they wear helmets, as the alternative would have been a cracked skull. (Jenny Jones of Great Britain is seen holding the carnage above.)

Video without the aftermath, but including the scary moment where her legs thrashed uncontrollably, here:

Sarka Pancochova slopestyle crash Sochi 2014… by sportsgrid

Pancochova lay motionless for a few moments before she sat up on her own. She ended up riding her board to the bottom of the hill, and still came in fifth thanks to a strong first run.

American Jamie Anderson took home the gold with a monster second run — and for the record, she called the Russian course “fun” afterwards.

UPDATE: Pancochova Instagram’d a photo of her helmet and said she’s “all good.” Whew.

Photo via Getty