Since Sean Hannity Asked What’s The Big Deal With Mike Rice? We Put Together The Top 5 Worst Coach/Player Assaults Caught On Camera (VIDEO)

  • Jake O'Donnell

Sean Hannity got hit by a belt and he turned out fine, right? Right? Ya, if by “fine” you mean angry. I think Sean’s missing the point here: it’s not about discipline, it’s about anger-physically-manifested-in-child-abuse. No one is asking coaches to stop acting like Jim Calhoun. We’re just saying stop acting like the Tasmanian Devil. Last time I checked, adults were the ones that are supposed to be composed. If you can’t control your emotional outburts, you have no business being in a position of power. (Or on TV)Clearly this isn’t the first instance of a coach getting overzealous with a player. Coaches are in a unique position, where they are forced to impart a great deal of information, maturity, and life lessons to young athletes who, often times never had fathers. So it’s no wonder some of these interactions resemble a tumultuous family relationship. In fact, it’s quite common to see Mike Rice-esque abuse. Listed below are the Top 5 Greatest Coaching Hits (pun intended.)

#5 K-State’s Frank Martin hits player:

#4 Moorehead’s Sean Woods rips into a player/bumps/shoves/brings him to tears:

# 3 Bob Knight chokes his own player a lá Homer Simpson:

# 2 Woody Hayes hits opposing Florida player at the end of a play:

# 1 Psychotic Mississippi High School basketball coach whips a kid with a towel: