Sepp Blatter, FIFA’s Evil Leader, Had His Twitter Hacked, And It Makes Him Look Bad. Laugh, Because He Sucks.

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Joseph Sepp Blatter is the current president of FIFA. He sucks, inspiring SportsGrid headlines such as “World Cup Workers Treated Like Slaves” and “FIFA Enters 21st Century.” Most importantly, he’s corrupt, and corruption sucks. You can scream IT’S RIGGED whenever your American sports team fails, but as much as we all hate Roger Goodell, and as many Mark Sanchez passes as I’ve tried to excuse via Goodellian sorcery, the fact is that our cries are mostly unjust. Not in the case of FIFA. Qatar is hosting the 2022 World Cup, and it’s because they’re rich and Sepp Blatter sucks. That is essentially fact.

So, enjoy his misery for the time being.

This did not happen, even though it should have.

When Blatter emerges from his bathtub of Qatar Riyals, his 77 year-old mind will attempt to log on to Twitter, and in a few short weeks, the tweets will be successfully deleted. Or one of his minions will, sooner.

Photo via an article where Blatter says something racist, text added by SportsGrid