This Interview Of Serena And Venus Williams As Pre-Teens, Where Their Dad Says That Serena Will Be Better, Is Strikingly Prescient. Except Serena Never Became A Veterinarian.

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Do you remember Trans World Sport? That old TV show that showed a freakish 14-year-old Tiger Woods (SFW, he wasn’t having sex with anyone). Well, this video of Venus and Serena Williams is floating around reddit during the 2013 French Open, and there are some ridiculously prescient things said in the interviews. One: their dad, Richard Williams, says that Serena will be better one day. Two, some guy says they might play each other in major finals one day. Three, Venus says she wants to be an archaeologist. (UPDATE: Never mind, I thought she was an archaeologist on the side.)

Surprisingly not mentioned: that there would be a fake email circulating one day that claimed Serena was was too successful to date black men.