Serena Williams Gets All Sassy On Jelena Jankovic During Match In Dubai Championship

  • Jake O'Donnell

serena jankovic

If you’ll please divert your attention away from the snowy competitions of the Caucasus mountains, there’s a tennis fight we’d like you to see. Ok, maybe not a “fight fight,” but it was tense and kind of funny as the two tennis stars clearly don’t like each other. Without boring you with the details of tennis etiquette (which we don’t know), what transpired in the final set of Serena’s 6-2 6-2 victory was the result of Jankovic serving before Serena was ready. Serena then responded by demonstratively holding up Jankovic before the next serve, which prompted Jankovic’s sarcastic walkabout before serving on the following point.

The verdict: Tennis needs more moments that produce Gifs like the one above.

H/T Larry Brown Sports