Serena Williams Goes On Letterman To Smash Things In High Heels

  • Jake O'Donnell

If you’re trying to win your third consecutive U.S. Open by overcoming injury and whatever this was, it’s probably best to train in sensible footwear and not 6-inch pumps like these puppies…

But, as we all know, you can’t really tell Serena what to do — or expect her to forgo an opportunity to show off her fashionable side on primetime national TV — though it would appear you can tell her to drill a tennis ball at a storefront window in midtown Manhattan. She’s cool with that kind of stuff.

So are we. Just don’t get hurt, Serena. Ok?

Williams comes into this year’s tournament a 3-2 favorite, going up against 18-year-old American Taylor Townsend on Monday.