Serena Williams Wins French Open, Her Team Promptly Gets Started On A Handle Of Jack Daniels And 2 Liter Coke

  • Jake O'Donnell

After her first French Open title in 11 years, Serena Williams and her team appear to be celebrating much in the way you or I would after mid-terms. Tweeted by a member of her entourage (Sascha Bajin), it would appear that Serena doesn’t give a merde (that’s French for shit, you guys).

In case you were asleep when she won this morning, the most dominant female tennis player ever beat Maria Sharapova 4-6 4-6, winning her 16th Grand Slam. Once again, you probably were sleeping, most likely because you do your drinking at night, and not in the locker room of French tennis landmarks in the afternoon.

Oh, and because it’s France and she’s worth millions of dollars and blah blah blah they threw in some Möet for good measure. A little bit of bubbly, neatly stuffed into a plastic wastebasket. Wow, the parallels between what Serena’s team is doing right now and my freshman year of college are startling.

[Note: This post has been updated to reflect that Serena herself was not seen drinking from the bottle of Jack. We did see this via FTW: “Doug Robson of USA TODAY Sports asked Sascha whether the locker belongs to Serena. He responded: Not saying… Lol!! Team Drink“]

H/T USA Today