Today, Serena Williams Learned Just How Much The Golf World Hates Spectators Taking Pictures

  • Glenn Davis

Maybe Tiger Woods isn’t at his peak anymore, but he still commands a crowd unlike anyone else in the golf world (especially with the one guy who has a chance to be close to as big a star as he is walking off in the middle of tournaments). Yeah, he barely made the cut at the Honda Classic, but he’s still 14-time major champ Tiger, and that means people like 15-time major champ Serena Williams turn out to see him in a way they might not for, say, Luke Guthrie, who currently leads the field.

The issue: when people go somewhere to see Tiger Woods, they want some sort of visual documentation that they did, in fact, see Tiger Woods. Today, Serena whipped out her phone in an attempt to do just that. But this is golf. Golfers – and basically everyone working at tournaments – do not like it when you try to take pictures of the golfers. And that led to this:

Hell of a rebuff – it made Serena go from this:

To this:

In Serena’s defense: she’s a golf novice.

And just in case you weren’t sure who she was trying to capture:

Well, at least she got one. Also, one quibble with the announcers: “I think Tiger might’ve allowed Serena to snap that picture”? Not a chance. The odds are better she’d have gotten a Tiger tongue-lashing. Maybe it’s better she was stopped. Speaking of being stopped: here it is again, in gif form.

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