This Is Shakira Playing Golf, And…She Plays It Pretty Well

  • Glenn Davis

When you think of Shakira, you probably think of this. Maybe you just think of dancing in general. Sports probably don’t immediately come to mind, is our point…and if they do, it’s almost certainly because she’s dating FC Barcelona’s Gerard Pique. Now, though, we present to you a new (to us, at least) side of Shakira – the “surprisingly good golfer” side.

The pop star is apparently providing fans a look into her touring lifestyle via vlog entries. One she uploaded last week gave us a look at her golf game – and she does have one. She gets off some pretty good-looking putts at the start, and looks to have solid form on drives (a lot better than, say, our drives would look, for example). She even knows what she’s doing enough that she gives out some driving pointers to a novice, including the advice that “it’s all in the hips.” Not only fitting advice, coming from a source who’s something of an expert on hip use…but Chubbs Peterson would be proud. Video below.

[h/t Devil Ball Golf]