A High School Coach’s Expletive-Laden Rant Is Secretly Recorded, Posted On YouTube

  • Glenn Davis

Collierville (Tn.) High School football coach Shawn Abel wasn’t happy before his team’s game last week. We’re not totally sure why Abel wasn’t happy – maybe the team hadn’t been having good practices, maybe Abel was just frustrated at going 1-4 following a 3-0 start, maybe it was “individuality”…or maybe it was because he had the type of players on his team who would secretly record his pregame speech. Whatever the reason: not happy. Don’t believe us? Have a NSFW listen:

Not shockingly, soon after this went public, Abel became the former football coach at Collierville. (Oh, and apparently the motivational address didn’t work out all that great: Collierville lost the ensuing game, 28-25.) Abel was unhappy the “sanctity of the locker room [was] violated,” but ultimately put the blame on himself, saying he “[has] to be smarter” and calling his comments “out of line” in a statement.

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We’re of two minds about all this: on the one hand, we can’t say we really feel bad for Abel. He went nuts, and this was before a game, making the outburst all the more baffling. Plus – it’s high school football. You’d probably like to see a high school coach set maybe a little different example for the kids. (Eric Taylor could get heated, but you wouldn’t have heard a rant like this out of him.) On the other hand, if every coach who ever acted like this resigned, we’d have a whole lot of open high school football coaching jobs across America.

Mostly, we were just glad to learn that Abel also serves as an AP calculus teacher (UPDATE: a commenter says he teaches pre-calc, not calculus) at Collierville (currently, he’s on paid leave), and are enjoying imagining him unleashing similar tirades on his students, like, “IF YOU’RE NOT GONNA FUCKING LEARN THE EXPONENTIAL FUNCTION IS ITS OWN GODDAMN DERIVATIVE, PACK YOUR SHIT UP AND GET OUT!!!” Abel’s hoping to at least continue teaching…forget profane pregame speeches. We’re really curious how this guy conducts a lesson.

Photo by Chris Desmond for Memphis Commercial Appeal, via Prep Rally