Shawne Merriman Got Up And Left In The Middle Of A Difficult Interview On ESPN

  • Eric Goldschein

highly questionable merrimanWell, this is uncomfortable. Shawne Merriman was on “Highly Questionable” (that other ESPN talking heads show that no one really knows about because it’s all Dan Le Batard, all the time) and then suddenly, he wasn’t.

During a weird segment (and perhaps somebody can explain the context here?) in which Le Batard and Bomani Jones asked Shawne Merriman about his house burning down as a child, Merriman just… left. A highly questionable interview, indeed. Watch (via Busted Coverage):

Just bad timing? Or another example of a big-name athlete getting annoyed with an unceasing line of questions about a topic he’s not comfortable discussing? As BC points out, asking “How did it feel to come home and see your house on fire?” rates pretty low on the Intelligent Question Scale. It feels really shitty, Bomani.

However, like the Jameis Winston interview, we have to wonder if there wasn’t a better way for Merriman to handle this. Maybe say “It’s not my favorite topic of discussion — can we move on?” next time instead of just bouncing and letting the awkward audio kid clean up after you.

Jones tweeted this out afterwards:

Way to ask the tough questions!

Merriman, however, seems cool with how things played out: