There’s A Hockey Team In England, And They’re Wearing These Ugly Christmas Sweater Jerseys

  • Matt Rudnitsky

If you haven’t seen our NBA and NFL Ugly Christmas Sweaters, well, you’re missing out big time. Because Ugly Christmas Sweaters are so ironic and cool that a hockey team in the United Kingdom is donning one, in jersey form.

Here it is, via the “Sheffield Steelers,” a real team that does not employ Ben Roethlisberger’s fatter older brother as a goalie, contrary to popular belief.

Sheffield Steelers Ugly Christmas Sweater Jersey

The Reading Royals, an American minor league hockey team (which could probably beat the Steelers by 50), already did this. Their jerseys were undoubtedly cooler, but minor league American hockey, while hipster, is not nearly as hipster as UK hockey.

So, point Sheffield, point hipsters, and negative points to all of us non-hipsters. Hipsters are slowly conquering the world, one ugly-sweater jersey at a time.