John Daly’s Ex-Wife Details His Sexual Habits, Drinking, Cheating On PGA Tour

  • Glenn Davis

If you are married to someone like oft-troubled golfing rogue John Daly for any length of time, you are going to get some weird stories to tell…and indeed, it appears Daly’s ex-wife Sherrie couldn’t resist sharing those experiences with the world. She’s got a new book (Teed Off – get it?) coming out, and today went on Colin Cowherd’s show to discuss it.

They started off discussing infidelity by golfers in general, with Sherrie saying that “[golfers] have more temptation and time on their hands” than NFL or NBA players, leading to ample cheating opportunities. Inevitably, that turned to Tiger Woods talk: Sherrie said she was “sad for [Tiger] and his family,” and that despite her comments about golfers, she “never, ever suspected it,” because Tiger’s ex-wife Elin wouldn’t be the type to “just let that go on.”

Of course, though, she was really there to talk about John Daly’s infidelity (and many other personal issues), not Tiger. Spoiler alert: The Dalys’ was not a healthy marriage.

“I never actually caught John in bed with someone until 2007…From ’01-’05…there were random times when there would be a lot of suspicion and I would know it, but I couldn’t prove it.”

Additionally, Sherrie Daly said John told her, “If I ever drink whiskey, just leave. It’s not a pretty scene.” It wasn’t: for example, there ws the time John drank way too much and came home to find that a designer had painted his house’s walls the wrong color.

“He just came in in front of me, his own mother, my sister-in-law, and just started peeing all over the walls.”

Yes, John Daly’s behavior was so erratic that Sherrie got in a mention of everyone’s (least?) favorite #winner: “If Charlie Sheen wants to really tear up stuff, he should go to the John Daly school of tearing up stuff.” Or the Harvard of tearing-up-stuff school, as I call it. Audio of Sherrie’s John stories below, via ESPN Radio.

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