Singapore Soccer Players Went Door-To-Door To Get Fans To Watch Their Games In Saddest Sales Pitch Ever

  • Matt Rudnitsky

The S.League is the top soccer league in Singapore, but even though Singaporeans like soccer, average attendance in the 12-team league is 932. Apparently, they’d rather watch English Premier League teams on TV, as many Americans do instead of watching the MLS (though the MLS is actually getting solid attendance).

The players of Balestier Khalsa are upset about this. But despite living in the digital media age, the players realized that the best salespeople out there are typically do things the old-school way. Yes, I’m talking about Girl Scouts.

Fed up of playing in front of sparse crowds in Singapore’s poorly attended S.League, players from Balestier Khalsa are going door-to-door to try to drum up their fan base.

“The more often the players go knocking on doors, the higher the chances of them becoming familiar with residents,” Balestier chairman S Thavaneson told Monday’s Today newspaper.

“Who knows, they may become curious and decide to watch a game or two.”

That had to have been the saddest sales pitch ever. Like soccer? Please come see the best players in our country instead of watching Brits on TV. We need you. Imagine if American athletes did this, whether it was soccer or any other sport?

“There are 100,000 residents in Toa Payoh, if we can bring in just 3 percent of them to our stadium, we will have a full house each time,” Thavaneson said.

Just add Samoas to the sales pitch, and everything will be fine.


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