Slow Motion Camera Captures Insect’s Near-Death Experience At Wimbledon

  • Ricky Boebel

bug wimbledon picWhile Laura Robson and Kaia Kanepi were battling it out on the Tennis court, this insect had the luckiest break in its short life. The manicured Wimbledon green would be the perfect feeding ground for a bug, if not for the gigantic yellow spheres periodic flying over head.

Today, the extreme patience of an ESPN cameraman paid off when a serve happened to miss this insect by inches. The bug gives a half-hearted duck after the ball bounces, showing an unexpected level of awareness for the situation.

The human equivalent of this is a 747 touching its wheels down a few feet in front of pedestrian. If you’re having a rough Monday, just remember that you don’t have to worry about passenger jet aircraft randomly landing on top of you.

[The Big Lead]