So Long, Dave: We Loved Your Sports-Related Segments

  • Rick Chandler

This is a little emotional for me: I’ve been a “Dave guy” for many years, feel that he sort of revolutionized late-night comedy, and have a poster of Larry “Bud” Melman in my house. Back when he gave a damn, there was no one better at that job — and even now he’s the top talk show host on TV. Letterman announced his retirement today — he’ll be leaving us in 2015. Sad, really. About the only thing we can count on is that his replacement will be named Jimmy.

But Letterman leaves behind a treasure of sports-related bits, some of which can be found below. These are among my favorites.

And remember, this is an exhibition not a competition, so please, no wagering.

Fun With Velcro. If the NBA D-League dressed all its players like this, all games would be on ESPN within a year.

Marv Albert Achievement Awards. The wild and the wacky.

Chris Elliot as a Gymnast.

Letterman Interviews 23-Year-Old Michael Jordan. Michael hawks shoes, and just got his degree in Geography.

Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

Batting Practice With Albert Pujols.

Art Donovan.

Letterman, Bill Murray, Regis Pickup Football.

Top Ten Career Highlights At Madison Square Garden.

Skateboarding Dog.