Only A Soccer Fight Would Involve Flying Kicks Instead Of Punches (Video)

  • Dylan Murphy

The way they kick and flee, kick and flee, seems quite cowardly, but is in fact tactically intelligent and diminishes the chance of immediate retribution. Also, so adorable!

This would probably be more funny if it didn’t involve children in a U-13 derby match between Bahia and Vitoria in the Independence Cup final, and one kid wasn’t brutalized by a swarm of Bahia players, and another didn’t collapse in pain after weaving his way through an onslaught of attackers, but try not to focus on that. Ninja flying kicks are afoot!

The whole thing starts because the Bahia goalkeeper punches a Vitoria player in the back of the neck. The Vitoria player, predictably keeping with tradition, reacts late and slumps to the ground in a poorly executed flop – though he has years to fine tune his craft before the big time. Then, mayhem.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen flying kicks in action, and we hope it’s not the last. Except in this video we’re delighted with a wonderfully dramatic flop to incite the whole thing. Soccer is really just the best.

Let us translate the brief news intro for you:


Oh and, by the way, the match was called early and Bahia was given the 2-1 victory.

[101 Great Goals, via Dirty Tackle]