Watch As Soccer Goalie Gets A Red Card For Defending Himself Against A Crazy Fan

  • Tom Lorenzo

In a Dutch League match between AZ Alkmaar and Ajax, AZ goaltender Esteban Alvarado was attacked by an angry fan by way of a drop-kick. Naturally, Alvarado retaliated and dropped a few kicks of his own. Seemed only fair, right? Apparently not. Unfortunately for AZ, Alvarado was given a red card and kicked from the game for, well, self defense.

It seems pretty ridiculous that Alvarado would be given a red card in this instance. I suppose the referee expected him to sit there and take the beating like a gentleman. What ever happened to “punks jump up to get beat down”? That rule must not apply in Dutch League soccer.

Here’s the video of the attack, showing Alvarado do exactly what any one of us would have done if we were in his position.

AZ manager Gertjan Verbeek was so upset by the red card that he pulled his team off the field, essentially ending the game with Ajax up 1-0. There’s no word on whether or not the match will be resumed, but one has to believe that they probably have no intention at the moment of finishing the game.

[The Last Angry Fan]