Just A Professional Soccer Player Sticking His Finger Up The Butt Of Another Professional Soccer Player

  • Dylan Murphy

Modeste M’bami is a soccer player for Cameroon’s international squad, as well as a recent addition to Al Ittihad of the Saudi Premier League. In Friday’s match against Al Nassr, opposing player Al-Zaylai fell on top of the ball after being tripped by an Al Ittihad player. M’bami, looking for the quick restart, needed to find away to separate player from ball. So instead of say, shoving or kicking or nudging him, M’bami decided to perform a colonoscopy on Al-Zaylai with his finger.

That’s jamming his finger up Al-Zaylai’s butt in non-medical speak, by the way.

M’bami got away with it, and Al Zaylai, though clearly disturbed, continued playing. And so we’re left with little more than the knowledge that some on-field proctology went on during a live and professional soccer match.

Because sometimes you just need to check inside an a–hole.

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