Soccer Player Gets Knocked Out Cold, Opponent Appears To Save His Life

  • Eric Goldschein

Hey, we’ve got something to say about Ukraine that isn’t “It’s being invaded!” or “Their national soccer team embarrassed the U.S. soccer team!” Though the full details of this story have yet to emerge, this appears to be a video of a player potentially saving another player’s life.

In a Sunday match between FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk and FC Dynamo Kiev, Dynamo’s Oleh Husyev was knocked out cold by a devastasting knee to the head from Dnipro’s goalie. Jaba Kankava of Dnipro immediately ran over, turned Husyev on his back and forced his mouth open, ostensibly clearing his airway.

While it’s a myth that humans can swallow their tongues, even during a seizure, Husyev appeared to regain consciousness after Kankava cleared his. He was eventually taken off on a stretcher and brought to a hospital:

No matter what the outcome here, Kankava gets all the points today for his quick thinking. He turned a frightening moment into an inspiring one.

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Photo via @BBCSporf