Shocking: Soccer Player Kicks Owl In Face, Met With Chants Of “Murderer! Murderer!”

  • Dan Fogarty

Well, this is pretty much the most terrible thing ever. A soccer player kicked an owl during a soccer match in Colombia, and the whole ugly incident was caught by TV cameras.

The owl, which was the good luck charm for home team Junior Barranquilla, was hit by a soccer ball after it landed on the field. As referees waited for the animal’s handlers to come scoop the bird up, a member of the opposing side, Pereira, came over and promptly kicked the cute little owl in the face. He was immediately and appropriately met with a chorus of boos from the home crowd, and chants of “Murderer! Murderer!”

The player who kicked the bird, Luis Moreno, gave the worst apology ever following the incident:

“I apologize to the fans, it wasn’t my intention, I did it to see if the owl could fly,” said Moreno after the game, which he left amid a heavy police guard.

Meanwhile, the owl is currently recovering in a veterinary clinic in Colombia.

Watch video of the owl kicking here: