Here’s A Brazilian Soccer Player Kicking A Referee To The Ground

  • Matt Rudnitsky

This is from the “Sao Paulo regional championship,” whatever that is. It’s a part of third division soccer in Brazil, which means that nobody outside of this video cared about the result. But the people inside the video did care, very much so, and that’s all that mattered. This young man cared more than all, and he appears to be a sore loser. This violent competitor didn’t agree with the referee, and he felt he had to do something to let the official know that he is untalented at his job. This player decided to go with a deliberate, literal blow to the referee’s credibility, rather than the Larry Sanders way of non-violent snark.

Via the Guardian:

Independente player Johnny Dos Santos lashes out at a referee in the final stages of a match against Marilia, in Brazil’s Paulista A3 league. With Marilia winning 1-0, Dos Santos takes exception to there only being four minutes of injury time allowed by the referee. When the referee blows the whistle for full-time Dos Santos approaches the referee and kicks him high on the body.

Fast-forward to the 36-second mark.

Bring down the hammer, Brazilian Roger Goodell.

[Busted Coverage]