Soccer Ref Sues Coach For Grabbing His Testicles, Tells Newspaper: ‘It Is So Painful, Painful, Painful In My Areas’

  • Rick Chandler

Remember the carefree days of last week when the worst injury you could expect on a soccer field was to get bitten? Now a ref in Kenya is suing the national football federation for $240,000 after he was allegedly assaulted during a youth game and “attacked in my private parts.”

Referee Martin Wekesa said he was attacked by a member of one of the team’s coaching staffs during the altercation, and that the man was pulling his testicles and hanging on. He says that as a result, he now can’t have sex with his wife.

“I was crying and could not get myself out from his hands,” Wekesa said. “I remember Kajembe told me, raising his hand, ‘I can kill you in a minute,’ and came directly to my testicles.”

Wekesa was rescued by a police officer, he said, but slumped to his knees in pain on the pitch before being taken to the hospital. He is now unable to have sex with his wife, he claims, saying it is “impossible.”

“It is so painful, painful, painful in my areas,” he said.

It happened in Mombasa, where a judge will hear the case on Thursday.