Some Guy Got A Tattoo Of An Ugly Version Of UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey

  • Zach Berger

Ronda Rousey is a UFC fighter, an Olympic bronze medalist, and a total babe. She posed for ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue recently and made it to the cover. One fan decided to have a picture of Rousey from the Body Issue shoot tattooed on his arm. You can see that tattoo above on the left.

That is an absolute abomination of a tattoo. Trust me, I watch “Ink Master,” so I know a thing or two about portrait tattoos, and this one includes some classic mistakes. This tattoo artist should be sued with the punishment being an equally horrible tattoo on his arm instead of financial damages.

Let’s go over the things that suck about this Rousey tattoo. First of all, it looks nothing like her. You can see the tattoo and the picture it was based on side-by-side up top, with a beautiful woman on the right and a disfigured woman on the left.

In the tattoo, Rousey’s face is wider, her nose looks weird, her facial features are disproportionate, her left arm is scary, her left fist is the size of her face and twice the size of her right fist, and her right boob seems to be molded to her arm.

As I learned on “Ink Master,” when tattooing a human face, you have to horizontally shrink the image before laying the outline onto skin that curves, such as an arm. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a face that looks twice as wide as it should (e.g. the terrible tattoo on this page).

This poor guy, who’s most likely in love with Ronda Rousey, now has an ugly, disproportionate, disfigured version of her on his arm. His life sucks.


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